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Conceptual Aircraft Design

  • Clean sheet design
  • Preliminary sizing & trade-off studies
  • Project aerodynamics & airfoil selection
  • Power plant selection
  • Preliminary performance analysis
  • Preliminary stability and control analysis
  • Cockpit/cabin layout
  • Weight & balance assumptions
  • Loads assumptions
  • Costs evaluations
  • Certification requirements definition

Detailed Aircraft Design

  • Structural design
  • System integration
  • Weight & balance management
  • CFD Analysis
  • FEM Structural analysis
  • Tests & Validation
  • Wind tunnel validations studies
  • Ground & flight testing

Aircraft Type Certification Support

  • Getting aircraft parts & systems certificated.
  • Understanding and meeting the standards and specification requirements.
  • Creating aircraft operating instructions, flight manuals, and maintenance manuals.
  • Setting up engineering, production, flight testing, quality control, document control, continued airworthiness tracking required by the type certificate standards and specification requirements.
  • Periodic audit of design and systems to the type certificate standards and specification requirements.