aeronautical engineering & services is a young and dynamic company, providing professional Design services for General Aviation. From the first concept to the finished product, we cover all steps of the Design process, using state-of-the-art technologies and working closely with our Customers. Our experience in the field of aeronautical engineering goes back many years and includes the design of microlight aircraft, ultrlight aircraft and Light sport Aircraft. Our aim is to provide high quality Design services that meet the Customer's specific requirements, at a competitive price.

Conceptual Design Services

Conceptual Design

Save time and money with a well-designed aircraft. Benefit from our years of experience. Receive a preliminary performance analysis for your aircraft.

  • Clean sheet design

  • Preliminary sizing & trade-off studies

  • Project aerodynamics & airfoil selection

  • Power plant selection

  • Preliminary performance analysis

  • Preliminary stability and control analysis

  • Cockpit/cabin layout

  • Weight & balance assumptions

  • Loads assumptions

  • Costs evaluations

  • Certification requirements definition

Detailed Design Services

Detailed Design

Design high quality, lightweight, and robust structures. Deliver accurate results with minimal defects. Perform structural analysis and testing with expertise.

  • Structural design

  • System integration

  • Weight & balance management

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • FEM Structural analysis

  • Tests & Validation

  • Wind tunnel validations studies

  • Ground & flight testing

Type Certification Services

Type Certification

There are a few things that need to happen in order to get an aircraft component or system certified. Understanding and meeting the relevant standards and specification requirements is key. After that, the component or system needs to be tested and checked thoroughly. Documentation and records must be in order, so we can help you with that.

  • Creating aircraft operating instructions, flight manuals, and maintenance manuals.

  • Setting up engineering, production, flight testing, quality control, document control, continued airworthiness tracking required by the type certificate standards and specification requirements.

  • Periodic audit of design and systems to the type certificate standards and specification requirements.

Here are some helpful resources

Aeronautical Engineering Calculators

Aeronautical engineering calculators

Use a variety of online calculators that are helpful for aeronautical engineering purposes.

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Airworthiness Regulations

Airworthiness regulations

Take a look to some of the most important regulations in the aviation industry.

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Technical Reports

Technical reports

Here you will find a list of technical reports and aeronautical engineering fundamentals.

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Materials Survey

Materials survey

A materials survey, summary of the mechanical properties of some aluminum alloys and other materials for aircraft design purposes is required.

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Open source solutions

Aircraft design and aeronautical engineering are extremely complex and expensive processes. Even the simplest change to an aircraft can result in costly mistakes. Open source technology can be used in aircraft design process to improve safety and reduce costs. provides open source software support for aircraft design and aeronautical engineering. We have a lot of experience implementing open source technologies in a productive environment. Here are some of the leading technologies we can help with.

OpenFOAM for aircraft design


OpenFOAM is a software application that helps with fluid dynamics analysis, such as thermodynamic analysis and transport modeling. Some of the key features of this software include turbulence and thermophysics modeling, as well as multiphase flow simulations.

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FreeCAD for aircraft design


FreeCAD is a CAD software that can be used for a variety of purposes, including mechanical engineering, product design, and architecture. It's open source and very modular, which allows for a high degree of customization.

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Calculix for aircraft design


CalculiX is a powerful solver that can handle linear and non-linear calculations for static, dynamic, and thermal problems. It can be used with different pre-processors that support the Abaqus input file format. The program also includes its own graphical preprocessor.

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SMath Studio for aircraft design

SMath Studio

SMath Studio is a program that helps you calculate mathematical expressions and graphical functions. It works similarly to working with a plain sheet of paper—all mathematical expressions are written in a graphical, human-friendly form.

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V300 Open Source Light Sport Aircraft

V300 - Open Source Light Sport Aircraft

V300 is a two seat low wing all-metal Light Sport Aircraft for general aviation purposes, hobby flying, sports and entertainment.

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Flyelectro's story starts in 2017 when a few passionate, innovative people with extensive background in aerodynamics and thermal management saw the rising wave of e-mobility. Flyelectro is emerging as a fresh alternative in the electrical motors space.

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The DAR Solo is an ultra light airplane that is single seat and single engine. It has a high wing and is based on mixed construction, with aluminum wings and a composite airframe. This aircraft features new advanced technologies that result in an extraordinarily low weight and great flight performance.

DAR Solo - a microlight/ultralight aircraft

The DAR Solo is an ultra light airplane with a single seat and a single engine. It has a high wing and is based on mixed construction, with aluminum wings and a composite airframe. This aircraft features new advanced technologies that result in an extraordinarily low weight and great flight performance.

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