Aeronautical engineering reports

Aerospace engineering is one of the most exciting and fastest growing branches of engineering. Includes aircraft design, construction, and flight. It is a demanding but very enriching field and you can always learn something new. This site aims to provide an overview of commonly used aeronautical engineering research for General Aviation and also to highlight some important basic knowledge in this area.

NACA Reports

  1. NACA TM X-2225 Pressure distributions on a wing having NACA 4415 airfoil sections with flaps set at 0 and deflected down 40

  2. Effects of Grit Roughness and Pitch Oscillations on the NACA 4415 Airfoil

  3. NACA TM 856 The lift distribution of wing with end plates

  4. NACA TM 948 A simple aproximation nethod for obtaining the spanwise lift distribution

  5. NACA TM 1036 Aerodynamics of the fuselage

  6. NACA TN 441 Rolling, Yawing, and hinge moments produced by rectangular ailerons

  7. NACA TN 578 Full-scale wind-tunnel and flight tests of a Fairchild 22 airplane equipped with a fowler flap

  8. NACA TN 606 Empirical correction to the span load distribution at the tip

  9. NACA TN 1269 Method for calculating wing characteristics by lifting-line theory using nonlinear section lift data

  10. NACA TN 1945 aerodynamic characteristics of 15 NACA airfoil sections at seven reynolds numbers from 0.7x10^6 to 9.0 x 10^6

  11. NACA TN 1973 Theoretical spanwise lift distribution of low-aspect-ratio wings at speed below and above the speed of sound

  12. NACA TN 2282 An improved approximate method for calculating lift distributions due to twist

  13. NACA TR 408 General formulas and charts for the calculation of airplane performance

  14. NACA TR 460 The characteristics of 78 related airfoil sections from tests in the variable-density wind tunnel

  15. NACA TR 534 Aerodynamic characteristics of a wing with fowler flaps including flap loads downwash and calculated effects on take-off

  16. NACA TR 540 Interference of wing and fuselage from tests of 209 combinations in the N.A.C.A. variable-density tunnel

  17. NACA TR 572 Determination of the characteristics of tapered wings

  18. NACA TR 585 Span load distribution for tapered wings with partial-span flaps

  19. NACA TR 586 Airfoil section characteristics as affected by variations of the reynolds number

  20. NACA TR 594 Characteristics of six propellers including the high-speed range

  21. NACA TR 642 Tests of five full-scale propellers in the presence of a radial and a liquid-cooled engine nacelle including tests of two spinners

  22. NACA TR 721 Determination of control-surface characteristics from NACA plain flap and tab data

  23. NACA TR 742 Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with 30-percent-chord venetian-blend flaps

  24. NACA TR 824 Summary of airfoil data

  25. NACA TR 938 Summary of section data on trailing-edge high-lift devices

  26. NACA TR 1007 Horizontal tail loads in maneuvering flight

  27. NACA TR 613 The variation with reynolds number of pressure distribution over an airfoil section

  28. NACA TR 664 Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with various arrangements of slotted flaps

  29. NACA TR 832 A systematic investigation of pressure distribution at high speeds over five representative NACA low-drag and conventional airfoil sections